A Small Business with Big Capabilities

Fnazco-Kwt (Faisal Nouri AlZayed Company Kuwait) is Multi Services and supply company established in 2007

Being a services and supply company we handle any kind of services or supplies.

The services weather based on domestic or commercial projects or supply based on local purchases or import;

You name it we have it.

The Services are categories in division and each division is specialized in their work.

Highly skilled workers team is having a strategic mindset and the leadership skills to perform a function, implement a process or execute a project.

Execution excellence is achieved through the precise implementation of two things: Business Alignment: Specific, quantifiable goals (SMART goals) aligned with the organizational strategy. People performance: The right people with the right skills in the right jobs doing the right things.

Strategy execution is to capture and organize all project (strategy projects in particular) that are underway in throughout organization.

Align strategy projects. Once projects are captured they are aligned to the strategies or goals for the organization.

  1. Creating Execution
  2. Setting goals
  3. Communication
  4. Measure progress weekly
  5. Establish a single point of responsibility
  6. Follow through on a goal
  7. Reward achievers
  8. Establishing a culture of execution

Our mission is to provide all kind of technical and commercial services at one stop shop.


Mohan Singh


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