LED Billboards

LED screens or billboards are light emitting diode display screens installed on properly designed steel structure.
A detachable self-contained unit of a screen is called module.
Modules are arrange in form of rows and columns to form bigger screen.
They are defined as outdoor and indoor depend on circuit board quality to resist against weather condition, therefore outdoor modules are more expensive than indoors;  they are made of LEDSMD etc.


Leasing and renting is available for long and short term period for single or multiple screen.
Rental screen are available for advertisement Companies for general advertisements  purpose or to  individual for an event coverage.

We also provide screens on shared business.
Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plans are available.

Terms and condition are applicable


We make different sizes and geometric shapes of custome design LED screens for shopping malls, shops, stadiums, parks etc.

Geometric shapes as

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Spherical
  • Angular


Consultancy and feasibility are available for LED Screens  and we provide comprehensive information, demonstration of  Products prior to lease, rent or Sale.
It doesn't matter whether you buy or import; our advise and services are available at a call..

An Accounting application is available for sale which is integrated with rental LED screens.

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